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What is the earliest sign you’ve succeeded in finding an engaging, inspiring, informative speaker for your event? When you hear a room packed with people scratching notes onto paper, without pause, to capture every takeaway.

That sound is music to Marc Smith's ears.

As a speaker, business owner, former event planner and professional blogger, Marc understands the impact of high value, immediately useful and very entertaining content.

With humor, charm, and his unique expertise in branding, positioning, and online marketing, Marc breaks down “big ideas” into plain language that anyone can understand and use to make smart use of limited time and resources. Each talk includes takeaways that help attendees gain clarity and plan specific actions to drive the results they need.

They’re lessons they won’t forget, from a speaker who is unforgettable.

Featured Speaking Topics for Tourism, Brands, & Bloggers

Stand Out From The Crowd - Harnessing Digital Media

This talk covers branding, positioning and the art of the hustle as it applies to bloggers and any online brand that needs to stand out from the competition. 

As a travel blogger, Marc Smith has defined and differentiated himself in one of the most crowded markets. His rubber-meets-the-road approach helps business owners find the unique value they offer and effectively tell their target audience about it.  

Marc Smith takes audiences through:

  • A crash-course in differentiating, branding and positioning based on the unique value you offer, so you can rise above the noise
  • Where to find your ideal customers online, based on understanding who they are and what they need
  • How to attract those ideal customers to your website with a content calendar based on your sales cycle
  • How to use your content to engage customers in conversation, rather than pushing content out into the void

Don't Be Afraid Of The F Word - Failure Is Your Friend

Business organizations, entrepreneurs and innovators can all benefit from a little failure - if they do it right. In this inspirational keynote talk, Marc Smith shares how his own failures have been progress in disguise, and how he turned each failure into a lesson that spurred his success in some of the toughest markets out there. 

In this motivational talk, Marc covers

  • The story of his professional life, with as many failures as triumphs
  • Why failing is a good indicator of real innovation
  • How you can’t control everything, but you can control how you react
  • The art of failing fast, failing often, and failing well

Leveraging Digital Influencers - Maximize Your Brand's Exposure

As a travel blogger, Marc Smith has connected his deeply engaged followers with brands like Rogers, Ford Canada, and the Holiday Group Inc. and introduced them to experiences with tourism organizations stretching from Hawaii to Toronto, and the Yukon to Louisiana. 

He’s seen, first-hand, how influencer marketing can deliver higher ROI than nearly any other form, especially when brands and boards want to build brand awareness within specific niches. But he’s also seen brands get influencer marketing very, very wrong.

In this talk, Marc Smith will tell you:

  • How to find and vet the right influencer to reach your target market
  • How to set expectations and write contracts that ensure you get the results you need


Digital Marketing Keynote In Orillia, Ontario

Community Development Corporation - Orillia

My staff still say you were the most engaging speaker we’ve ever had! You’re one of a kind!” - Grant Hurrle, Forbes Travel International, Inc.

Ethics In Action

“Marc made two presentations at the Travel Media Association of Canada conference in 2017 - one for media and another for industry. Both were sold out. I have no hesitation recommending him as a speaker.” - Minto Schneider, CEO, Waterloo Regional Tourism Marketing Corp.


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